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Nevo® Portal turns your iPad or iPhone into the ultimate remote control!

Posted by Jeff Kohanek on

Gadgets can be fun, cool, or useful.  Nevo Portal is one of those rare gadgets that is all three.

Download the free Nevo App from the App Store, follow the in-app instructions to pair with the Portal base station, and you are controlling all of your equipment with your phone or tablet in just a few minutes.

A very useful feature of the Nevo App is the built-in program guide.  The guide allows you to view all of the upcoming shows, look up IMDB info on cast and crew, and more without interrupting what is shown on the TV screen.  If you find something you want to watch, the WATCH NOW button in the guide and the app will tune your channel to the selected program with just a tap of your finger.

The Portal base station even has some built-in remote control keys.  The next time somebody calls while you are watching TV, just tap the PAUSE key on the portal to pause the show.  There is no need to hunt down your standard remote or even to start up the Nevo app for such a simple function.  The Portal base station has you covered!

Nevo Portal and the Nevo app are leveraging technology that used to cost hundreds of dollars just a few years ago.  This tech is now in a simple and affordable package, for less than $50. 

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